Starting Aviation Career With No Experience Or Training

Hello Everyone,

I am here to try and find a mentor to help me in navigating my way into flying for an airline one day. Some broad background information about me and how I plan to achieve that goal is I want to get certified as an airplane mechanic which takes 18 months at a local community college ( To be more marketable on resume). Then go to a part 61 school to earn my PPL. After that I’ll either finding a job as a CFI or continue at a part 61 to earn the rest of the required 1500 flight hours. I am 29 years of age and I want to find the fastest route to get to an airline from me getting my aviation mechanic license. Can any current pilots give me any advice on this topic.

Thanks In Advance!


Well right off the bat the question is why are you going to spend 18mos getting your A&P if you want to be a pilot? It’s not required nor will it help in any way with your flying career.

If you want to be a pilot you need to fly.


I have a unique situation. Are you able to directly message me so I can give you details?


This is a public forum where people can get answers to their questions and others can learn as well. Long short no DM.

As for the fastest route, that would be to train fulltime in an accelerated program like ATPs.



You don’t want to waste the time getting an A&P unless you want to work on airplanes. If you want to fly them, you need to fly. If you want to boost your resume, getting a bachelors degree will do that.

As for flight training, you’re missing a few steps… to get a job as a CFI, you’ll not only have to get your PPL but your instrument rating, commercial rating and then a CFI. Plus most schools want their instructors to also be certified as CFII’s so you’d want to get that one too. At that point, you could apply to jobs to start building time. Once you get close to 1500 hours you’d need to budget for a commercial multi engine add on rating as it’s required for the ATP rating.

Turns out, ATP offers all the ratings you need and can be completed in just 9 months! That’s the fastest way to the airlines…