Starting Flight School?

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I am a 22 year old Eagle Scout at 6’6" with some college but no degree. I have a spotless record. I have been considering computer science as a major but don’t really feel like I am an ideal fit; I am interested in a change. The idea of getting to fly an airplane has always been exciting to me ever since I was little. But I am a little daunted on how to get started and if I’m even headed in the right direction.

A couple of years ago, I was a diligent full-time student with two part-time jobs. Unfortunately, I was abruptly kicked from the nest so finances were hard for a while and my progress at school slowed (I was even homeless for a while); I went full-time on both jobs to pull myself out of the hole. Despite the negative, I have done okay for myself - I have about 14 credits left for a liberal arts degree at my local community college. I have a cummative 3.66gpa, made the Dean’s list a couple of times, and achieved a 760 fico score. Not bad I guess… I also don’t have any substantial debt. :slight_smile:

I recently got accepted to Liberty University’s Aviation degree program. They have an ROTC program there. Since I have a year in the Army’s program at my local college, that year would transfer over. I have time to think before I need to make this move. However, I don’t know if this would be the right fit for me since I am not that religious. I also feel pressured because my Dad is an Alumni there. In addition, starting at Liberty seems very expensive to me.

I currently work full-time for Envoy as a Ramp Service Agent. I took this position because it is close to the planes I am passionate about. Plus, I love the smell of jet fumes. However, I can’t wait to leave the ground.

Any advice on how to proceed would be most appreciated.


You’re kind of all over the place so I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking? If you’re only 14 credits short of a degree why would you go to Liberty and start fresh? You say you feel obligated because your dad went there but he’s the same dad that kicked you out?

If you want to be a pilot then be a pilot. If I were you I’d foo my flight training, build my time get hired and finish the credits you lack online when you get a chance. Not sure what I’m missing?



Adam, thank you for your response. I am sorry about being all over the place (that is kinda how my education is right now). My mother kicked me out. My Dad has always lived seperate. He is manipulative and wants me to follow his footsteps to a T, which makes me feel uncomfortable.

I don’t want the CS degree anymore. I am 14 credits away from graduating with LA, which would at least give me a degree but I am debating whether I should transfer to another school (I have been stuck in one place for too long and really want a change of scenery.) Perhaps online classes for those 14 credits would be ideal?

Is flight school doable on a full-time work schedule?


I think you mean that you are 14 credits away from an associate’s degree, is that correct?

I will be honest, I am not a fan of Liberty University. The school was founded by a racist bigot and is now run by his son, who is currently mired in a major corruption scandal. I am just not a fan of people that operate like that. While your father might be an alumni, I would not say that is exactly like being an alumni of Harvard or Notre Dame, I would go where you want to attend, not where your father wants you to go.

I would recommend checking out this site and ATP’s website. Now all of the mentors here are fans of ATP, but we are because we went there and were pleased with the outcome of our training. I find it to be the most efficient path to the airlines.


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Chris, thank you for being understanding of my position and your advice. You are correct; I would be getting an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts after those 14 credit hours. I just cannot wait to leave the poop hole that is Albuquerque. (I keep getting broken into, things stolen, etc.)

I have been tracking this website for a few months now. But I wanted to ask my own question so that I could get a specific answer.

It seems to me that the biggest problem for people starting this program is the steep costs. Although, 2 years at Liberty would put me very close to the same mark +/- 20k. That is why I am really considering this. I hope my credit matters in getting a rate I can afford. What is your experience with paying for ATP and (can you)/(should you) work full-time while attending flight school?


I found it to be tight, but doable to make my loan payments while I was an instructor. There were not a lot of steak dinners, but I did not go hungry either. The tuition reimbursement program can really help with the loan payments. Read more about that here:

You absolutely CAN NOT work while in ATP’s program, not even part time. It is a very accelerated program and your success in it will depend on your being able to dedicate every minute of your time to flying or studying for flying. If you try to work, your flying will most likely suffer and you will not end up doing well in the program, which will have an impact on your career.


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Check the flight schools’ height requirements. I can’t remember which site I was on, but just today saw one that said over 6’3" or 250 lbs was a problem.

Edit: it is actually ATP… See the bottom of this page.

Edit 2: As far as I can tell, you’re also to tall for military aviation, unless you can scrunch down to 6’ 5".

Also, I agree with Chris. Liberty is for true believers. If you’re wondering if you’d fit there, you won’t.

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What a real downer. Thanks for letting me know before I dig in. I always tell people being tall sucks and it really is beginning to shine true. What do you think my options would be then? Could I chop off a section of my legs? I REALLY want to fly.

There are other options to flying. That’s just ATPs rule but idk how strict they are.

Hey… Just wanted to follow up about this… Turns out you’ll be okay at your height. I attended an AF pilot school graduation a few weeks ago… A huge guy got assigned to an F16. The CO commented that the biggest guy was going to the smallest cockpit.

The AF Chief of staff also put on out a statement saying don’t let biometric requirements keep you from applying. I think they also added something to the AF web page.

A quote I saw said there’s a waiver for everything… So if you want Air Force, go for it!


The application period for these scholarships have ended but here’s a list that you may be eligible for:

Reach out to the Museum of Flight for more information.


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