Starting in October

Hey All,
This thread has been very helpful in my career change and I signed up for the October class and I am super excited. It sounds like it will be tough but I am ready to get the ball rolling so that led me to post on here. What is the best way to pass my private pilot written exam before day 1? I’ve read posts on here before but I just saw that they watched the Kings School vids and downloaded the study buddy app. I have received my books and I didn’t know which book is specific to the private pilot written exam that I can read as well as watch the videos and study the app. Thanks for all the help!



Along with your books you should have received access to the King’s PPL course INCLUDING the Written Exam prep. The King’s do a fantastic job and that’s why ATP provides the course. If for some reason you weren’t given instruction as to how to access the course contact ATP Admin.


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Thanks for the info!