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Starting KLGB October 18!

Starting @ KLGB October 18th w/ credit for private. Very excited. Been studying like crazy, took all my written exams, just studying for FOI now. I used Sheppard Air and scored the following:

Instrument Airplane: 100%
Instrument Instructor : 100%
Commercial Pilot Airplane : 98%
Flight Instructor Airplane: 99%

Please do yourself a favor and use Sheppard, as there were no surprise questions.

Study routine (Don’t rely on just the prep software):

  • Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
  • Airplane Flying Handbook
  • Advisory circulars for both Aviation Weather and Aviation Weather Services
  • Instrument Flying Handbook
  • Instrument Procedures
  • digital book: The New Concise Guide for IFR
  • Flight Instructor Handbook.
  • FAR/AIM sections for each rating.

Keep in mind with all that you aren’t going to remember everything. Constant review is essential.

Now just doing daily IFR review and knocking out all the extranet videos. King Schools videos are absolutely amazing! Lots of good stuff on the ATP library! Studying C-172 and maneuvers as well. I learned in the Diamond Star DA-40.



Very nice job on the writtens. Sounds like you’ve got all your ducks in a row and are putting yourself in an excellent position for success.

People often ask “how do I increase/guarantee my chances of success in the program (or even in the industry)?”. Pasteur said “chance favors only the prepared mind”. The answer is of course to not leave things to chance, it’s to do the work which you’ve done. I have no doubt you’ll do well.

Keep us posted.


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Those are EXCELLENT scores and even better advice about the extra study material. I can tell that you have done your homework.

Carry that same level of preparedness during training and we’ll all be asking you for your advice on what makes an ATP graduate successful :face_with_monocle:

I am looking forward to supporting you through the program.



Those are very impressive scores! Keep up that kind of studying and you will do well in this industry.

Please keep us in the loop as you go through the program!