Starting @ Lawrenceville Location June 2020?

Hi everyone! I have my Introductory Flight scheduled at the Lawrenceville location mid-April and plan to begin the program in early June if all goes well. Are there any other students who plan to begin flight school at the Lawrenceville location around that time? Or is there anyone on this forum who is currently enrolled there? I would love to connect with you!

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Hi Amanda,
I am planning to be there around the same time. Will keep you posted

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Hi Amanda!
I will be starting at LZU on June 15, 2020!
I’ll be starting in the credit for Private curriculum, and looking forward to meeting you and the others at the training center!

Bobby Carr

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How you doing with those written exams?


Hi Adam!
I have gotten all the written exams done over the last few months - IRA, CAX, FOI, FIA, FII, AGI, and IGI.

I also picked up the Ground Instructor (Advanced & Instrument) certification from my local FSDO near Detroit after finishing all those tests (whew).

I’ve been taking the time now to join all the fantastic Webinars ATP is hosting, while studying the training supplements and reviewing oral guides. I’m trying to hit the ground running in June!


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You’re a rockstar! Relax and enjoy your downtime with family and friends (being socially responsible of course). The party will be over soon! :wink:


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Hi Ema, please do! Hope to see you there.

Hi Bobby, looking forward to meeting you as well! I’m glad to hear that there are other people continuing with their start date during COVID. Feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to chat! It’s great to connect with someone in the same boat as me.

Great job on finishing all of your writtens. I had a late start and am just now getting started on studying, but I’m jumping in headfirst.



I have to say, I am really impressed that you already have all of the writtens and the ground instructor certificates complete. Wow! With a work ethic like that, you will do just fine.

Please keep guys up to date as you progress through the program!


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Absolutely, thanks and will do!


Most impressive! You mind sharing with everyone how long (approx) it took you to study for each written test? That question gets asked a lot. I think people would benefit from knowing.


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Hi Tory,
Sure, no problem! I used Sheppard Air to prepare for each test, and completed them over the last 6 months, with the majority of them having been done in the last 3 months.

IRA (Score = 95%, Time = 4 weeks)
To be honest, I did not follow Sheppard Air’s study strategy for this test because I wanted to learn the material using King Schools while I did the instrument rating at my previous flight school. Consequently with the huge question bank, this one took much longer to study for me than it may take others.

IGI (Score = 80%, Time = 0 weeks)
I took this one immediately after IRA (the next day) since it is a very similar test bank. There are some additional helicopter visibility minimums questions that tripped me up though since I didn’t have this specific test bank to study prior.

FII (Score = 98%, Time = 1 week)
I missed the message on this being the same question bank (actually much smaller bank but same potential questions I believe) as the IRA. I started studying for this about 5 months after passing the IRA. Highly recommend taking this immediately after the IRA. Used Sheppard’s strategy on this one.

CAX (Score = 94%, Time = 4 weeks)
This was before starting to use Sheppard’s strategy, so it took me about 4 weeks to study using my own method of reviewing the questions and reading appropriate FAA texts to learn the material. This one seemed like the most new diverse material (other than IRA) including multi-engine concepts and regulations that I had not seen before.

AGI (Score = 97%, Time = 4 weeks)
This was also using my own strategy as noted above. After taking the CAX, I think I was primed for this one and could have done it in much less time if I had used Sheppard’s strategy. Lots of new regs relating to student endorsements in this one though.

FIA (Score = 98%, Time = 0 weeks)
Took this the day before the AGI using the AGI test bank, I was told that the bank questions are same as AGI, however I found that a lot of them are worded differently, which can easily change the context of the questions. I found this test more difficult than the AGI for that reason.

FOI (Score = 100%, Time = 1 week)
I found this one to be the easiest of all the tests, even though some material was relatively new to me, because I used Sheppard’s strategy precisely for this one. I have a background in business (undergrad and MBA), so a lot of these concepts were somewhat familiar.

I did the AGI and IGI tests even though they aren’t required by ATP so that hopefully one day I can be a Gold Seal Instructor :slight_smile:

Using Sheppard’s recommended study strategy would have dramatically reduced study times as I saw with the FOI and FII tests (1 week prep time). If anyone needs to knock out tests quick, I would recommend following their strategy.

I hope this helps!



Thanks Bobby, this is great detailed info.

Thanks, Bobby.

Update: I’ve changed my start date from June to early September.

I’m not delaying my start date because of concerns with ATP or the industry in current conditions. I’ve taken a pretty big financial hit because of COVID-19 and could use the extra few months of income before beginning training to regain financial stability (and be able to buy those sweet Bose A20’s!) since working while in the program isn’t an option.


Thanks for the update, now use that time to work on the written exams. You should be able to finish every one of them by the time you start.



Thank you, that’s the plan! :slightly_smiling_face:


Good luck. I have been wrestling with the decision to move my date from July 13th, as it requires a move from Tennessee to Florida. So far my wife and I are doing our best to stay on target.

July is a long way away, a lot can change between now and then, hopefully for the better.


Thanks Matthew, you too. I debated on whether to just push forward with my original date or change it, and now that I changed it I feel relieved to have the extra time to recoup.