Starting off with community college

My name is Muhammad I am 18 years old soon to be 19 in September. I recently graduated highschool and entering college. Ever since I was a kid I have always had dreamt about becoming a pilot. However given my financial situation, I am going to community college instead of a school that has aviation classes or programs. My main question is which classes or majors should I contribute in, in order to obtain enough knowledge to apply for flight school later on. Or what classes do I need to take to get accepted into an aviation program. What are the steps that I must take in college to enter the field? I’ll appreciate any response.


Community College is fine. There’s zero need to spend money on an expensive school. Do know that if you aspire to fly for a Major airline you will at some point need a Bachelors degree.

As for what to study that too doesn’t really matter. Flight school will teach you what you need to know to be a pilot. Study things you enjoy and will do well in.


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Community college is a great start if you’re unsure of what you’d like to major or focus your studies in. Start with your general educational credits first and see what you’d like to do as a backup if aviation was to fall through at any time. Right now I’d be focusing on getting good grades and scoring well on your final exams, companies will eventually look at a transcript. Find something enjoyable and you’ll do great in.

Like Adam mentioned, flight schools will teach you what you need to learn to become a pilot.


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There is absolutely nothing wrong with community college, as long as you eventually obtain a four year degree. My brother started at a community college and he now has a doctorate degree.

Now I personally am against college aviation programs as I find them to be terribly expensive, time consuming and simply not a good value for the student. Please see this thread for more options on completing flight school: How do I become an Airline Pilot?


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