Starting out training at 28. Thoughts?

Hello my name is Osmar I am 28 years old. I currently work four nights a week driving a truck making good money and interested in input of how to get started in aviation. I am single with no kids so a good chunk of the money I make can go towards training plus I already have a generous amount saved up to get me started. I am extremely interested in becoming a commercial pilot but not really in a hurry to get to the majors I wouldn’t mind settling with the regionals. Also as far as education goes I do not have a degree. That’s my situation any advice?


Please take a look at the FAQ section as most of your questions are addressed there.

You will not need a degree for the regionals, you will for the majors.

At your young age, I would not resign myself to a career at the regionals as you could be leaving millions of dollars behind over the course of your career.

Check out the FAQ section and then get back to us with your questions.

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Any other advice you can give me?

Did you read the FAQs?

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Yes I did read the FAQs. I really appreciate the input.