Step by step guide

Hello team. I’m Kodjo and willing to have everyone opinion about the very first step to take.

First step, that I’ve learned from here, YouTube, and pro pilot playbook: get to your local airport and do an intro flight or two or three. Really see if flying is for you.

(Note, this my broad stroke plan right now as I’m planning on starting next year)

  1. Start making a financial plan. I’ve seen ways where you can get through all the certificates and everything for under $40k and obviously through ATP it is closer to $100k. You will need a lot of money and if you want to do fast and accelerated, you won’t be earning money during training and at least in my case, not enough to pay our current bills during flight instructing. So a plan is a must.

For example, early stage plan we have:

  • Wife and son will spend at least the first year in China with her family saving us money on groceries, utilities, and doctor bills and making it easier to do the second point.
  • Rent out or sell our house and then I live with my parents or a friend.
  1. Start studying for written exams. I just picked up the Airplane Flying Handbook and going through that and practice exams.


The very first step is taking an intro flight or lesson to decide if flying is really something you want to do.

After that, IF you decide this is something you want to do then it’s a question of deciding on a flight school.

Id also spend some quality time on this forum as there’s a ton of useful information and FAQs.


Thank you thank you Sir, so how did you get that 40k financing option from?

Thank you Sir, flight for major airline is my dream, and I’m considering the best location to start


While I agree with your first step, beyond that there are some flaws.

  1. While there may be some schools advertising getting all your licenses and ratings for under $40k, there’s no way (in today’s environment) that’s happening. Now are there cheaper flight schools than ATP? Sure, but well maintained airplanes and instructors cost money. Further your plan is your plan and while I don’t like to making broad sweeping statements, I don’t believe the majority of aspiring pilots can send their families to China or have a house to sell or rent. Most simply need to take a loan.

  2. While the AFH is a fine publication, it’s the absolute worst way to study for the Knowledge exams. Without question the majority of SUCCESSFUL students learn the material by rote using guides like Sporty’s Study Buddy and Sheppard Air test preps.

While I appreciate your enthusiasm and all are welcome to comment, I would ask you make recommendations based on your accomplishments vs what you’ve read/seen online.


That’s not a financing option. I believe on pro pilot playbook they did a hypothetical doing your all your stuff with a CFI using an older plane at a mom and pop, you could do it for $40k. Obviously on the other end you have ATP with a pretty standard program, connections with airlines, etc, but costs slightly more. My point was that either way, you’ll need a bunch of money and to do it as inexpensively and quickly as possible, you won’t be working.

Thanks for your valuable opinion Sir


If you look up and to the left you’ll clearly see the ATP logo. This is ATPs forum and all the mentors who participate are former students who are all now successful airline pilots (3 at the Majors). We were all in the same position you are now, trying to choose the best route. We all chose ATP and were all glad we did. ATP has been training pilots for the airlines for over 35yrs. Over 1,000 grads have been hired in the last 12mos alone and tens of thousands over the years. There simply is no better route.

That all said, again your first step is taking a flight, after that it’s choosing a school and having a plan:


I believe ATP can help sonce I’m willing to be hook up with some regional airline after my training.
Also I’m considering to stay in ATP’s housing if possible

Oh, my point about the $40k was more so to point out that no matter what, this is a significant financial commitment. I guess I just got long-winded.


  1. Intro flight
  2. Plan
  3. Knock out written exams

I was just sharing what I’m currently doing. I figure reading through reference material during my downtime at work is better than doing nothing. Ive also been doing sportys tests. But since I have the time, I’d rather read up on some of this stuff than blindly guessing and being completely confused.

But yeah, definitely refer to people who have done it!

And yeah, for most people, loan is needed. Because I have a house and wife and kid, I need the loan and also need to deal with the house, wife and kid. Even $125k loan won’t be enough to cover everything.

Thank you Sir , I do appreciate you .

Big thanks for your valuable response.

  1. Does everything ATP location offers housing to student?

  2. What will be the best loan plan to finance the school from beginning to the end

Hello Sir does ATP offers housing at every location for students?

What do you think the best financing option might be?


No, every location does not offer housing (refer to the website locations section).

ATP has different loan options. The best is probably the one that approves you. Contact ATP directly for details.

Again I’m going to suggest you spend some quality time on the website and this forum AND look into taking a Discovery Flight or lesson.


Thank you Sir, I will consider your opinion