Steps & Actions to Take After HS

Hello! I am a highschool student and my dream job is to be a commerical airline pilot for jetBlue! I was wondering of what the first steps I should take, when i should start and begin those steps,etc, etc. If you could help I would appreciate it so much! Thank you! :slight_smile:

Welcome Bry!
This forum has a wealth of information so please visit the FAQ section. It has the answer to this and many other commonly asked questions. To be brief, you should continue with your education. Getting your 4 year bachelors degree… take a few discovery flights, save some money if possible and make sure you can secure a first class medical. Then after graduating, start your flight training with a fast-pace program like ATP’s. Please let us know if you have any specific questions! Again, welcome!

Oh, I’m so sorry! I couldn’t find the answer in the FAQ section! I’m new here so I am still getting used to things, I appreciate you responding to me. I will go look deeper in the FAQ section for this question.

Okay no problem! I’ll post a link below for you to visit! You’ll see in many threads here, you’re not the only one to decide you want to be an airline pilot early on, which is great! If you haven’t taken a ride in a small aircraft, do it. You want to make sure you can handle how a small aircraft feels. It’s not enough just to enjoy riding on airliners. Small trainers are a whole different story. If you do that and still love it, awesome! Keep flying for fun as you can but don’t worry about starting your training just yet. We recommend you go to college and get your 4 year degree in something other than aviation first (you need a bachelors for any major airline). The 4 years you mature in college and learn study habits will help you be successful in a fast track airline career pilot program like atp. Once you get close to graduating, start by securing a first class medical (you need this to start the program and to be an airline pilot). You’ll also need to figure out your financing, either out of pocket or get a loan with sallie Mae. Once you’ve done all that you can contact admissions, schedule a tour and discovery flight with atp and schedule a start date!


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Aside from reading the FAQ section the first thing you should do is study hard and do well in college. Your flight training will come after and Major airlines like JetBlue want educated well rounded pilots with degrees.


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Thank you Hannah! Means the world for your guys help! I will keep this in mind. It’s so great to actually get help on this because I have tried to research about it but found nothing helpful and this is the first website that actually helped me with my question! Thank you so so much!!


Thank you for your help you and Hannah have been a major help for me! As you can read above this reply I’ve had the hardest time finding the answer to my question and this is the first website where I actually did get my answer! Thank you guys for everything you do here on this website I appreciate you guys very much! Keep up the amazing work :slight_smile:

Glad we could help. That’s what we’re here for! Let us know if you have any other questions


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