What’s an average stipend? I know data varies according to airline, role, etc. but if you could share to the best of your abilities, I’d appreciate it. It was always been a dream of mine to fly, but I’m just starting on my research to see if it’s feasible for me. I’m 34 years old.

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Hi Daniel and Welcome!

Not sure I’d use the word stipend as there are so many variables from airline to airline, years of employment, Regional to Major, Capt or FO etc. Chris however did put together a nice piece. Take a look and it should give you some idea.

What Do Pilots Really Earn??



As to your age, this career is certainly feasible for you! Airline pilots retire at age 65, so right now you have 30 years left. Of course about two to three of that will be spent in training and building your flight hours, leaving you with 27 years left. With 27 years it is more than possible for you to get hired at a regional and then a major airline. There was a time when age was much more of a concern that it is now for the airlines, but those days have passed and the airlines have really broadened the age range they hire from. I know that win this recent round of hiring we at United have hired pilots that were well into their upper fifties.