Stratus ADS-B receiver helpful for ATP flight school?


I’m considering purchasing an ADS-B receiver so I can see traffic in Foreflight. Would this be helpful or recommended to have during ATP training? Or do all ATP planes already have GPS with traffic-reporting capabilities?

Thanks in advance!



Although the ADS-B is a cool gadget, I wouldn’t rush in to get it right now, just because of the price (Stratus is around $800 I think).

You will have TIS capability in the aircraft you will fly, so you will have some sort of traffic alerting.


That’s helpful - thanks, Yarden.


I’m with Yarden, definitely overkill for where you are. You need to focus on flying da plane and working, understanding the equipment, AND LOOKING for traffic yourself. Save you money for now.


Thanks Adam

At this point we have ADS-B in and out in more than half the fleet. We are rapidly adding the new L3 NGT-9000 to the older equipment at the rate of 2-3 aircraft per month.

Most recently, in November and December, we accepted delivery of 10 Cessna 172s with G1000 and ADS-B In/Out. We are accepting delivery of 5 more this month.

While it depends what training center you go to, chances are high you will be flying ADS-B In/Out equipment. Where that’s not available, all have TIS.

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That’s great to hear - thanks Justin. Hopefully they have some in Long Beach! :slight_smile:

All 172s are ADS-B and Seminoles are TIS at LGB.

You guys are all spoiled! When I did my training we only had DHN in the planes. Don’t Hit Nothing! :slight_smile:


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