Student and Instructor Life

I was wondering what the schedule is for a flying student and instructor, (how many hours a day and how many days off)?
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Hi Muhammad,

As a current student, I can tell you that we usually train 5-6 days per week. There are certain parts of the program that are more demanding and require a lot more time, like the private and instrument phases. On those days you can expect to spend 4-6 hours at the training center. Most days are spent either doing ground instruction, flying, simulator work, or a combination of these. There may also be days you only have 2-4 hours of scheduled activities. However, I highly recommend treating the program like a full time job and spending a full day at the training center. Some of the best learning can come from watching other students doing simulator activities, sitting in on other students’ ground lessons or simply studying with other students. Instructors, from what I’ve seen, typically work 6 days/week and 8-10 hours/day.


Thanks for the great response, Joel :slight_smile:

Hello Joel

Thank you for your detailed response. One more question, what time does the training usually start?

The schedule is built by the instructor the day before the event. It is usually pretty flexible and you should be able to coordinate the time that works best for you directly with him/her.

I personally like starting early in the morning, but I knew instructors that liked sleeping in and starting later in the day.


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