Student from Egypt

Hello there
My name is Ahmed i am 18 years old and i am from Egypt, I have some of questions.
I will finish my high school at the next summer, can i get into ATP with my high school certificate? If yes, so what if i have a Green Card ! Can i be hired for US airline through you?


To attend ATP and fly for an airline in the US you must be a citizen or have permanent resident status. ATP discourages people from attending straight out of HS and you’re going to need a college degree at some point in your career so you’d be best served going to college first.


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So you prefer going to college before get into ATP or after?
And thank you for fast reply

Definitely before. The fact is the ATP program is highly accelerated and most 18yo simply don’t have the discipline to be successful.


We recommend you go to college and work on applying for citizenship ASAP if your goal is to work for a US airline. Obtaining citizenship can be a very difficult and lengthy process so you may want to explore airlines in your country as well.