Student Life Questions

My questions in short are
How open is the schedule

Is it worthwhile taking online classes for college, and attend another flight school?

This last one is more on airlplane rentals, but could I fly between the chicago campus and an aiport closer to home if im needed somehow?


If you’re talking about ATPs schedule, while there’s some flexibility there isn’t enough to facilitate taking college classes at the same time. Of course there are other programs that would but you’d simply be delaying your training and your time to an airline, when you could simply take the college courses while at a Regional getting paid and building time and experience.

ATP doesn’t rent airplanes and even the flight schools that don’t won’t until you’re licensed. Then factor in weather, availability, and expense and it’s not a good plan.


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I would not recommend taking any college classes while enrolled in ATP. ATP offers a highly accelerated training program, there simply is not time for any extra. If you find a school that will allow for this, they will simply be extending your training time out instead.