Student Life

Just wondering how the student life is at ATP locations? Are their a lot student on the campus at once to mingle and study with or… lol Sorry for all the questions just been thinking about this one.


It really depends on the size of the training center, some are smaller and obviously they won’t be hustlin and bustlin…others, like KIWA, have 200+ students so there is always a good amount of people hanging around.

Where are you planning to train?


Ill be at the Livermore location (Oakland)


It’s like every other school experience you’ve probably ever seen (except for the wedgies). There are tons of people who LOVE to help, mentor and be social and others who don’t. I have no doubt if you enjoy the “group study” thing they’ll be plenty regardless of your location.


I actually wouldn’t mind the group study! That would make things 10x better and probably help out with writtens and checkride… My main reasoning for asking this question is due to the fact ATP is really is a self study program as from what I’ve been told, with thst saying sometimes I myself don’t understand certain things unless I’m actually “doing it” or someone breaks it down in simple terms lol… but yea I just wanted to know about the environment and study sessions and etc… lol


Many people benefit from group study as we all have our strengths and weaknesses. That said you have to know that the majority of pilots at ATP will have banged out most if not all of their writtens and those that haven’t will simply be memorizing from the book. While there’s always plenty of help you will need to get much of the information on your own.


Hey Earv,

When do you start?

I already started (July 17th). As a matter of fact I’m on my way home now after doing my first cross country today!! #excited lol

ah ok. i’m starting this monday. I’ll see you around.

Which location?

Livermore :slight_smile:

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Oh great!! Yeaa I’ll be there Monday! Are you starting from 0 or credit private?

I have ~20 hours from nearby flight school, but i decided to join ATP and start from 0.