Student Pilot Certificate

I’ve been questioning my self and trying to research, if your over 18 will you still need to get a student pilot certificate before you can move on to your private pilot license? Or Can you just go straight to training for private pilot’s license.


You don’t need a Student Pilot certificate to do flight training but you will require one before you can solo and you definitely need one to get your Private. It’s really just administrative and it’s the gov’t way of verifying you are who you are and not just anyone is hoping in an airplane by themselves and going flying. It’s also you registering with the FAA. You’ll be assigned a number and that number is yours all the way to the airlines. In essence it’s a license to learn. It’s a painless online process and you only need an instructor to verify your documents and in a few weeks you’ll get a nifty card for your wallet with a picture of the Wright Bros. Actually looks just like the real one except of course for the part where it says STUDENT.


Thanks helps a lot!

Hi Adam,

I just got my 1st class medical the other day and will be applying for financing this weekend. I am also hoping to get an August start date. Would you recommend that I wait till I start ATP to get my Student Pilot Certificate since I will need an instructor to verify my documents, or is there a way for me to go ahead and get it now? Thanks for the help.



Have you done or scheduled an Intro flight with ATP? It’s required and I believe when you do you could possibly ask for instructor to sign you off it you could simply wait till you start. Really no urgency.



Thank you so much for the information! I have already taken my intro flight so I will just wait until I start with ATP.

Thanks again