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Student Working Oppurtunities

Good Afternoon,

Right now to pay for my flying lessons I am working 2 jobs. Where I currently work only benefits me in getting paid. I am not getting any aviation experience or getting my “foot in the door” as they say. For a 20 year old are there any jobs at a local or international airport that I should be looking at? I’d pick up trash off the runway even, anything to get me in the door. There has to be a way to get one. I would actually enjoy going to work for once! Also, Adam, will you be at LAS on May 19th? I might run into you on Hawaiian 7! Thanks.



The only thing that will help you get your foot in the door to flying airplanes is to become a pilot. Any sort of airport job is so unrelated to flying an airplane that it just doesn’t matter if you work at an airport or at Wal Mart. I would focus on whatever job makes you the most money, thus enabling you to continue your flight training at the fastest pace possible.


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Okay. Thanks for the advice. Better hurry and finish my private and Bachelor’s degree.

I think that is the best plan possible.

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As Chris said, picking up trash from the runway (while noble?) won’t help you get hired ay an airline. Work hard in school and get good grades and you’ll be fine.

The 19th I’ll actually be flying in the opposite direction heading for NRT. Better Japanese food and I get to keep more of my paycheck :slight_smile:


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That’s awesome. Hawaiian flies everywhere it seems. I’d love to be an island hopper for them one day. Seems like one of the better jobs in aviation? And keep more of your paycheck?

Hawaiian interisland flying is the best gig in aviation. No overnights, no sits and the weather is VMC 90% of the time. There are am and pm schedules so you only work half the day and you’re home every night.


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