Survey: Favorite Airline Livery?

It is time for a little bit of airplane fun on the forum.

We all have our favorite airline liveries (paint jobs). For personal, but also for aesthetic reasons, I have always been fond of Ethiopian Airlines and TWA’s very last livery. What is your favorite? Post a picture with your response below.


My hometown airline will always be my favorite.


I love seeing the Black New Zealand livery when I’m at airports!
For domestic it has to be the PSA retro (the smile is awesome!) or Piedmont retro for American.

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One of my favorite trips was to Kenya and the people of Africa tell the story! TIA

Yes I’m biased but c’mon :slight_smile: NZA is cool too.



Definitely a Delta guy, hometown airline and my Grandfather worked for them!


AA is my favorite,the silver is slick and i love the flag on the back.(787 is the sexiest plane out there)

Nice looking aircrafts but they’re too "showy’ (in my opinion).Gold letters,gold coach seats,gold lavatory door handles,gold,gold,gold.

The canadians have nice looking ones too.



Is that seriously a real paint job?

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It is! It’s JAL and it is awesome!


Definitely one of the best liveries, the classic American Silver Bird. Two other great liveries that American once had, the TWA and Aircal hybrid liveries. They actually brought back the two liveries for the 737-800 , although the TWA hybrid isn’t the same one as they used to have. I honestly love classic liveries !!

Very biased, but absolutely beautiful paint job!

I have to agree that the ANA (not JAL :wink:) Star Wars liveries are awesome. There are three of them, a 767 (R2-D2/BB-8), a 777 (BB-8) and the 787 (R2-D2) in the pic.

I was in ORD earlier this year heading to SIN and got a pic of the 773 over at C concourse next to a UA Star Alliance 772 (my ride to HKG).

Alright, you airplane fans. I was looking for another picture to post and came across this picture. The paint job didn’t catch my eye, but something else did. Any guesses?

The plane flying backwards?

Nope. Keep looking.

What’s that tri tail?

That’s what I noticed first too. I’m guessing constellation?

on Second look, that registration on copa is crazy long, and why are the slats out?

Those three tails are exactly what I am talking about and belong to, what in my humble opinion, is the most graceful, elegant airlines ever built, the Lockheed Constellation.

Last year, I got the chance to sit in the cockpit of a Connie that my grandfather had flown many times for TWA. The aircraft is now resting at Greenwood Lake Airport, New Jersey. I never thought that I would get to even see an airplane that my grandfather had flown, let alone sit in his seat, it was a truly amazing experience for me.



I love the Swiss International Airlines livery, especially the winglet!

And we can never forget this classic too…