Switching training locations

Hey there,

I am getting my financing together to start training with ATP next month and I’m very excited to get started. I currently live in Seattle, WA and I am planning on moving to Chicago in March 2022. My question is can I start my training here in Seattle and transfer to another location during my training when I move in March? Or would it just be easier to hold off until after I move? I appreciate any advice you can send my way.



This is really a question for admin. ATP generally doesn’t like people switching but if you have a specific date they might be able to coordinate.

Id give them a call. Can’t hurt to ask.



I personally would not move during the middle of training. Training itself is a stressful thing, throw moving into the mix and you are bound to have serious distractions. I suppose it depends on how much stuff you are moving, etc, but it sounds like a good way to get delayed in your program. I would call admin and ask.



That’s tough to answer. I think it would depend on where you are in training which would be very hard to time correctly. I imagine you would need to be at a place in the program where a transition isn’t going to disrupt your progress. That’s kind of hard to do unless your move date is flexible.

Ask admin though. They’re the Gatekeeper’s.


I’m with the guys in this one. Unless you could get a week off in between say your private and instrument rating to move and get settled, that’s the only way I see it not disrupting your training. If it’s in the middle of any given phase, it will be incredibly hard to not lose momentum or cause issues with your program. Call admin and see what your options are.