TAA Cross Country Flights

I was just reading through the course schedule and under the cross country phase it lists a TAA 2-Hour Day XC, TAA 2-Hour Night XC, and 6 hours worth of TAA Commerical training. In those sections, it states:

“It must be conducted in a Cessna 172 with the G1000 glass cockpit and a GFC 700 autopilot that has not been disabled.”

For locations that have the Piper Archers, does that mean you would do your crew XC in the Archer, and then be sent to a location that has 172’s to complete those last 8 hours of training?

Yes the Crew XC’s are done in the Archer and then it can either be a case of going to a location that the TAA is currently at, or having them come pick you up at your location. Just depends where one of the five is currently located at the time.

Awesome, thank you!

Some people are flying 10hrs complex in the Seminole. It really depends on availability of the TAA. Which is slim in the northeast.

This is true, but for any new student it’s the TAA as they are phasing out the 50hr multi program for the ACPP 25hr multi which includes no complex time unfortunately.