Taking the leap!

I’m starting school in May and couldn’t be more excited. I’m late to the fun at 45, but I am happy having the prospect of being a pilot for the rest of my days. I’ve been lurking on the boards for several months and wanted to thank the mentors for their straightforward insight. I’m an old military guy without one of those fancy college degrees, but I look forward to a career in the regionals, just as long as I get to eventually sit in the greatest office the world could ever offer.

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That is great news, congrats.

Don’t limit yourself to the regionals just yet. If you end up going to one of the AA regional carriers, you can potentially flow through to AA without a degree. Even if you do not go there, you might want to look at getting a degree online.

All of that being said, a career at a regional is not a bad thing either.

Now between now and May, you should be able to finish every single written exam in advance, now get crackin’!


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Congrats, Michael! Happy to help. Thank you.


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