I am finally getting close to the launch of the next phase of my life. ATP/Tampa is the plan going forward.

But a few questions are popping up that I am looking for some assistance with.

  1. Student to instructor ratio?
  2. How many students at this location right now?
  3. Based on weather what is the best time of year to start at this location?


  1. The student to instructor ratio at all ATP locations is capped at 4:1, the average is slightly lower.

  2. I am not sure, but that is a fluid number that will change as you go through the program anyways and with the low student to instructor ration, it really doesn’t matter how many students there are. I do know that the admissions department has set caps for each location, so one should never be too busy.

  3. Any time is the best time to start. Locations are chosen for their favorable weather conditions. That being said, every season brings with it it’s own challenges, it is a nine month program, chances are you will experience some aspect of all four seasons no matter when you start. I would start as soon as you are able and not give this one any further thought.


Thank you for the quick reply Chris.

Another question I have is what aircraft are they using in Tampa? Also G1000 or Steam Gauges so I can start working on scans and flows while waiting?


You would need to check with admissions on that. You will need to be proficient on both types of cockpit displays. When I was hired at Continental, we flew the 737-300 (steam gauge) 500 (EFIS) 700, 800, and 900 (glass cockpit). It was very common to fly all three types on one trip.


ATP Tampa uses the G500 Archers and the “Steam Gauge” Seminoles so you will get experience with both.

All of instructors here have 2-4 students with most have 3/4, but we have people finishing and starting every month. We have around 60 students right now, but that includes everyone from private all the way to people who are working on their CFI Addons and those in Jacksonville for CFI school so they are not all on property. I’d guess 45/50 are here.

We have an awesome team of instructors here in Tampa right now.

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I followed your thread documenting your training at KPIE. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately by the time I get there next year you will most likely have moved on to bigger and better things.

That would be “fortunately” not “unfortunately”. Moving onto the airlines is a good thing :slight_smile:

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When are you hoping to start?

Fortunately for him, yes. Someone who seems passionate about teaching others, unfortunately for me. Lol

I am aiming for May.


How many hours are you up to? Do you have your sights set on any particular airline?


Sorry for the late replay. Have had a lot of long days this last week.

I’m just passed the 700hr mark. We have been having some plane availability issues so things were slow for awhile but they finally came through with planes and things are looking up. I’m working on my application with Envoy and hope to apply next month. My former instructor as well as another from this location are there and like it and from what I see that’s the plan as of now. Current pace I should be at the airlines by May/June, my “2 years to the airlines” is July.

I have a trip to Paris and Switzerland planned for September, couldn’t pass that up, but that’s the last time off I plan to take besides holidays. Just gotta keep things moving.

Tucker I plan to stop by the airport in late October and hopefully you will be around for a face to face instead of online chats.

Call ahead and get scheudaled for a tour. If you remind me closer I can set aside some time to do your tour!

Hi Tucker, we met briefly at the open house ATP had a few months back Appreciate you taking the time to chat. I’d like to start the program after the new year, but was curious to see if there’s anything you would recommend that I start reading now to prepare as someone with zero time. I’d like to be ahead of the game as much as possible.



We ALWAYS recommend that people complete as many of the FAA Knowledge exams as possible prior to starting their training. Once you officially enroll in the program, select a start date and make your deposit you’ll be given access to all the study material for all 6 exams. While not required it will significantly lighten your work load and put you well “ahead of the game”.


Written exams, finish as many as possible, it will be a huge benefit to you whilst in the program.

Written exams please. That is the biggest obstacle I have with my own students and that I see with other students. Other than that, once you get a start date you will get access to all your modules and you can start working through those. You will also get a supplement for the aircraft when you sign up and if you know everything in that before you show up, your CFI will love you. I should be around until May/June of next year so I hope to see you before then! I would also reccomend doing an intro flight, If you get approved for financing, it’s free. If that’s somthing you want to do, set one up with Atp and let me know, I can probably do it for you!

Also, if you live in the Tampa area, you can schedual your writtes and take them right at our training center. Once you have a start date, you can feel free to use the study space we have. We have a student that starts in October, and he has been in studying more than a lot of the current students for the last month or so. He just completed his commercial written. All of us instructors are fighting over who will get him as a student when he starts.

If you have any questions let’s me know, I am more than happy to help you all out.