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Besides your all your written tests and checkrides, what other tests are there? Starting to start on my private pilot stuff and was just curious. Thank you.


In addition to the Writtens and Checkrides are the dreaded Orals! Orals are given by the examiner prior to the Practical (aka Checkride) to assure them that you didn’t just memorize the answers for the Written (which most people do) but that you actually have some knowledge and can apply it. I’ve had some incredibly easy Orals and others that are nightmares. Most examiners can determine your level of knowledge within the first few minutes and if you know your stuff it’ll be a none event. Others like to dig deep to show you how much they know and you don’t (fortunately those are the exception). The instructors at ATP do a really good job preparing their students for their Orals and as long as you study and don’t freeze up you’ll be fine.

That btw is another reason to do well on your Writtens. All the examiners know and consider the Writtens to be fairly easy and mostly rote. The first thing they’re going to look at is your Written exam score. Hand them a score that’s barely passing and you can expect a LONG PAINFUL Oral. Score in the high 90’s or better and they usually assume you at least did some real studying.