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Thank you!

Hi Adam,

I was just doing a little research on flight schools in the SF Bay area and ran across ATP. I’m going to turn 45 tomorrow and have always been interested in aviation as I worked in the corporate world for about 15 years out of college and traveled around the world extensively. My wife and I bought a franchise because I guess we wanted to own our own business…lol. We have done well, however it’s just not what I want to do the rest of my life. After reading your bio and answers to some of us old guys asking if it’s ‘too late’, I have become inspired to at least go check it out. I figure if I get hired on by 50 I would still have a good 15 year career. I would like to fly a big plane international, but would be fine at a regional after reading your comments.

Thank you for all the insight! Maybe I will see you on a flight from SJC to HNL one day!


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Hi Jonathan and thank you for your kind words,

It’s definitely possible for you to have a very satisfying second career as a pilot as long as you’re realistic in your expectations. Truth is I didn’t get to Hawaiian till I was 49 and in today’s hiring environment I’m hesitant to set any limitations on anyone.

If you have any other questions or curiosities please feel free.


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I will and thank you! If you have any layovers in the bay let me know I will buy you dinner/lunch so I can pick your brain!


Thank you Jonathan,

I’ll let you know but I don’t go there often. I generally bid Asia and Australia. Cali is so “been there done that” :slight_smile:


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Best of luck to you! If you decide to go through with this. Update us on your experience so people like me who want to go (but need to convince the wife) can have more info!

Sounds good! Can’t blame you those are great places!

Hey Derek!

Yes I will, I plan on going up to visit ATP this week or early next week. It’s only about 30 min from where I live so that’s a big plus. My wife is on board, she has always known I would love to fly, and laughs at me when I get excited to go to the airport and can identify each and every airplane at the airport. Will keep in touch!

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Awesome! I can’t wait to see what you think! Can’t wait for you to post again!