The Lighter Side

I’m hoping you guys can share some humorous anecdotes from your time on the job; the memorable things outside the norm from passengers, crew, or on the flight deck. Instructors and students please chime in as well. (Exaggerations permissible. Total fabrications limit one per person. Think whiskey and fire pit night.) Aaaand go…

So far I’ve certainly been spoiled by “excitement” outside the norm through my military and law enforcement years, so I’m eager to learn where else it lies, specifically in your profession. Those careers have also taught me to never make assumptions, so I won’t do so here.

I am a little surprised though that no one wishes to offer anything on this. Granted aviation has a different brand of “excitement”. That can come in different forms. So…tell me about it. I want to hear how it’s more than good views, pushing buttons, turning knobs, and executing a safe flight. All great things for sure, but…

Maybe I approached the topic wrong, or too playfully. I’m a private pilot and love to fly, so I get that aspect, but you guys have experienced more. Much more. What are the other little gems you encounter in the profession that put the cherry on top? Maybe there’s a special camaraderie/brotherhood in the profession that most don’t realize. Perhaps there are some nuances or curve balls that positively take the edge off of the perceived monotony. Or, as I asked before, just some downright funny moments.

I think the whole picture is valuable to those researching the prospect of a career change, like myself, as opposed to just “I love to fly”, but, hey, if the answer is “there’s very little excitement” then I truly appreciate the honesty. Maybe that really blows people’s hair back and perhaps I could use a little throttling back myself.


This forum was created by ATP to help aspiring pilots to fulfill their goals and as such we generally offer advice and answer specific questions about training and the job itself. Pretty much everyone on this forum is either a mentor (like myself) or a new student. Most new or aspiring students don’t really have any “war stories” yet so that takes care of the bulk of the posters. I can’t speak for the other mentors but as far as I go I participate here to “pay it forward” as many many people helped me along the way. That said when I’m not on the forum I’m flying, spending time with my family or doing other things I enjoy. There is a section called “flying the line” where we do on occasion post things we’d like to share otherwise we don’t.


“This forum was created by ATP to help aspiring pilots to fulfill their goals and as such we generally offer advice and answer specific questions about training and the job itself.”


I could not have been any more clear pertaining to “specific questions about the job itself”. The question was very legitimate to aspiring pilots and should actually be asked more. When folks desire a larger peek into your world why wouldn’t you be thrilled to have an opportunity to provide it? The students here, and aspiring pilots alike, should be afforded the whole picture from any professional who is asked. Additionally, since there’s a pilot shortage and I lob a softball at you for a chance to sell it then why wouldn’t you go for it! I think this was a wasted opportunity because I can assure you there are others that wanted the pros to answer it.

I’m digressing. Back to the main point of the thread, the non-answer is actually worth a thousand words. That in itself is very instructive, so all in all, I actually offer my gratitude.

Be safe up there, Adam.



Since we’re quoting, I’m not sure how asking for “humorous anecdotes” is “very legitimate to aspiring pilots” or why I should be “thrilled to have the opportunity to serve them” or how by not providing them I’m not affording people “the whole picture”? There are DOZENS of posts on this forum that discuss the pros and cons of the job. Further you seem to be confused, I’m here to provide information, not to “sell” anyone on anything. Frankly if someone needs to be sold, they probably should seek another career.

Thank you for well wishes.


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We are volunteers on this forum and answer dozens of posts per day. In addition to that, there are in depth articles written in the “Flying the Line” section that cover all sorts of topics, so when you ask a very open ended question that is really an essay assignment, you will be referred to the Flying the Line section.

A few other points to consider.

  1. We don’t sell anybody on anything here, we just provide straight forward answers.

  2. The pilot shortage is the best thing that has ever happened to pilots as wages have dramatically increased. Again, no reason to sell people on the career.

  3. Flying is very serious business, we have hundreds of people’s lives in our hands. There are no office antics, dress down Fridays, or anything else of that nature. From the day a pilot starts training until his or her very last day, this is serious business.