Things to study before the school

Aviators, what study materials would you recommend to look into before I start the school?
My plan is to start with ATP in April 2020. I have about 4.5 months before classes starts so I’d like to get prepared in advance. I’ve bought a Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge and also learn some basics of aerodynamics. Can give me an advice of some other books or programs it would be helpful for me to study to get through the school easier.

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When you enroll for a start date, ATP sends you everything you need to get prepared for your writtens and more. That book is one of the ones they send



This question gets asked often and if you spend any time browsing the forum you’ll see the answer is always the same. Complete as many of the FAA Knowledge Exams as possible. While not required it will significantly lighten the work load.



The best thing you can do is to complete as many written exams as possible complete. This will help you more in the program than studying any manuals. Check out this link:

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Thank you all for quick answers.