Time between acceptance letter and actual start date

hi there,
this is Amir,
how many months do we have between the day we get the acceptance letter and the day we start?
Is that enough to study and take all written tests?
do we get any discount to get KINGS or Sheppard Air study guides after being accepted?


I would look in the FAQ section and that may help with answers. First you need to take an intro flight though, and once that’s done you can contact admissions and choose a start date, location and pay the fee. You can register to start months in advance or a month in advance. It’s up to you. Like for me, I took my intro, the registered and started the following month so I only ended up being able to take one test.

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thanks Joshua,
that sounds good, I didn’t know we can choose the start date.
I’m gonna check the FAQs again.

thank you

Ya, the each location typically has one start date a month. When I say you get to choose the start date that’s what I mean, so if it’s like the first Monday of the month you get to choose the month, some locations may have two a month though

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I recommend you spend some quickly time on ATPs website. There’s volumes of great info there that’ll answer many of your questions.


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thanks a lot


thank you so much.
sure I will do.