Time is Money?

Hello Folks,

After several discovery flights, I’ve decided to enroll full-time into ATP starting from zero time with the intent of hitting the regionals ASAP. I’m currently 30 years old and wanting to change careers. The question now is when should I begin training as I understand that timing and seniority is everything in the airline industry. Since I’ve been preapproved financing for the tuition cost of $80,000, should I go ahead and start my training now or should I wait until Oct to save about $45k more with my current job to reduce the loan amount?


Sooooo what’s the question? :wink:


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It sounds like you have answered that question yourself, timing is everything and a few months of seniority can make a gigantic difference in your career. There are people that were hired at Continental a few months after me that spent three years furloughed while I never did.

This sounds more like a personal finance question. Your call, T. Every year you delay is a year of seniority lost at the end of your career.


Ha. Thank you all for the feedback.