Time Management post Written tests

I understand the strenuous time requirements of the program. I’m curious does it help and or free up time if/when you pass the written tests?


Well, yes. Once you do not have the writtens to study for, you have more time to study for other, more pressing matters such as check rides. What you will not have at any point in your training is excess free time. All extra time should be spent on studying.


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I could see a difference as an instructor of a student that had to study for a written compared to a student that completed one. I’ve recommended to anyone to complete if not all the required writtens, at least the first one that you’re entering phase of the program (i.e., zero time or credit private). When you’re not studying for a written you can utilize that time spent studying flows or configurations and preparing for the checkride, like Chris mentioned. I’ve been a big advocate for completing the writtens ahead of time, I took the advice of the other mentors when I was just beginning and it made a HUGE difference, I think.


I am on my Instrument/Commercial 141 stage now and preparing to take my IRA, and I heard that I can take the CFI written as well since it is basically the same test. Is this information accurate?

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That is correct for the FAA Knowledge test. As for other Part 141 requirements I couldn’t say and would encourage you to speak with your instructor. In fact I’m curious why you aren’t asking them this question?


Thanks Adam.
I didn’t get the chance to ask them yet. I just heard about it before I posted the question here on the forum. I will definitely ask them tomorrow.