Timeline in Hartford/Boston vs AZ?

Hello everybody-

I’m beginning my application process for ATP, been working on finalizing my loan, clearing my medical, taking admissions flight, etc.

Throughout the process, I’ve been speaking to a friend of mine who has been a pilot for decades. When I mentioned that I was most strongly considering Hartford or Boston for my location, he asked if I was tied to those locations or if I could go to Arizona and get school done as quickly as possible.

I told him that I am theoretically open to go anywhere, but my preference is to remain on the East Coast. My family is here, and my girlfriend is in Montreal. Ergo- my preference being Hartford or Boston.

I asked him if his main concern was the weather on the East Coast (which was part of it), and he told me additionally that the crowded airspace may make scheduling flying time harder as well.

My question: If I start ATP in April- which is my plan -is my timeline at an East Coast location the same as somewhere like Arizona, or would I save a lot of time by going out West?

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Good question. ATP has been doing this for a very long time, they know how to chose locations. If you think about it, every location has its challenges. Yes, the east coast has winter weather, but AZ has temperatures so hot that sometimes you can only fly at night, plus the monsoon season. The weather will balance out no matter which location you are at. I would pick the location that is most convenient for you and not give it any further thought.

And I have been a pilot for decades as well :slight_smile:



ATPs timeline is 7mos from start to finish. That’s from BOS to PHX, SEA to FLL and everywhere in between. Every area in the country has it’s logistical challenges. Maybe it’s weather, maybe it’s airspace, maybe it’s examiner availability.

Long short is ATP has been doing what they do for 4 decades and every location is chosen and exists because it can conform to the program guide and time line. Choose the location that works best for you.


With so much other stuff to think about during this process, and the insight you provided, I’m happy to pick an East Coast location and have to give it no further thought!

Thanks for the info and ease of mind.

Happy holidays!

That’s great to hear. Thanks for filling me in, I appreciate you taking the time to address my question!


Hi Malikai,

I live in the southwest and can offer some view of the problems here. In the spring, it’s windy. Like crazy windy. Like nobody in their right mind is flying a small GA aircraft windy. It also gets hot in the summer, which isn’t a good thing. The density altitude gets up to the edge of space and you’re not getting a heavy plane off the ground without a slingshot. I joke, but seriously: there was a Cessna 150 stuck at our airport over the summer because it genuinely could not take off until fall. So no, Arizona is not a perfect location for flight training. Everywhere has its good and bad, you just need to be ready to fly when you can!



Anytime, that is what we are here for. Let us know what other questions you have.


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Thanks for the first hand account, Jake. I wouldn’t have considered any of those factors, so I appreciate the info.

Hope the southwest winter is providing you with some better flying weather.

Happy Holidays and thanks again from frigid Vermont.

ISP is about 11-12 months, so around there most likely. Not sure about AZ