Too much information in the web

Hello everybody,

I am not gonna lie, i am kinda confused with all the info that i have came a cross with after long researching.
I will try to keep my questions brief but can’t promise lol

English is my second language, and i have been in us since August 2018. I am a Hospitality Management graduate and i really am cold with science&physics. I can understand, speak, read and write the language very well but when it comes to the Aviation English, i have no idea about how i would handle it. I have been watching in-cockpit videos to catch some things but to be honest they sound really complicated to me. Is it really that tough or after i start my training will i get use to it ?

I have completed my admission flight couple weeks ago and my instructor told me that the next start date would be February for ATP Riverside/CA.Do i have to make a deposit payment up front before my start date, and would it really take that long to start and what would be the reason for that long wait ?

I saw in ATP’s website that i have to pay for my examiner fees as cash ( hope it is not true ).If i won’t be able to make out-of-pocket payment for the program ( which means i will finance entire program ), and if i won’t be able to work even in a part-time job cause i wouldn’t be able to keep both working and training at the same time, so how is that gonna make it any easy for me if i have to pay my examiner fees cash ? Is there a way that i could finance everything in once so i don’t have to worry about anything else but training ?

I am currently living 30 min to ATP Riverside and i am paying rent for my place and if i apply for my loan a little higher than it needs, do i get that extra amount monthly as ‘’ life expenses ‘’ or something like that ? Or should i just save up and then start my training ? Also related to this question, ‘‘actually’’ how long does program takes ? On the website it says 9 months but haven’t met anybody who told me ‘’ i completed my training within 9 months’’, so realistically is it all about the student or actually does it takes more than a year ?

Do pilots get tax free salary ? And i know there is a topic for this question but just as an up to date, what is the average hours do CIFs get till they complete 1500 hours ?

I really do appreciate already for those who will light me up with some answers.
Thanks to all


Based on your writing, your English is decent, not great. The only way to improve that is to continue to work on it and maybe take some classes, even online ones.

As for aviation English, let me tell you a story. My kids are really into watching trains. I bought a radio scanner so we could listen to the train dispatcher. One could argue that this kind of communications should be less complex than aviation English. Maybe it is, but I feel like they are speaking Greek. I have listened to that radio for weeks and still can’t make much sense of it. Reason is, I am not a train engineer. I am sure with proper training I could understand it just fine, but that takes time and education, just like being a pilot does. I would not worry about this and I wouldn’t spend too much time trying to learn from videos, it will come in your training.

The admissions department schedules start dates, but two to three months out seems to be the norm. This is an incredibly complex program with a lot that has to be scheduled for each student. This isn’t signing up to take a basket weaving class. When a student is scheduled, it has to fit in with instructor and aircraft availability.

You can take out additional loan money for examiner fees and living expenses.

The program is scheduled for nine months. I would plan on an extra month, just to be on the safe side.

Pilots are taxed just like any other job. Why wouldn’t they be?

Most CFIs fly between 65-80 hours per month.

I hope this helped answer some of your questions. Let us know if you have more.



I think Chris covered things really well but just to augment.

English is English, there’s no such thing as “aviation English”. What you’re experiencing is simply a lack of context. English is my first language and I always excelled at the subject. But if I listen to a couple of Drs or lawyers discussing what they do I’m certain I’d have little clue. Why would I? I’m not educated in the subject. You’re not a pilot so why would you think you’d understand what’s a considerably complex subject with no education in it?

You most certainly need to give a deposit prior to starting to lock in a date. Feb is not far away at all. Wait too long and that Feb start date will probably be gone. Also if you’re going to need to finance (and yes you can apply for more to cover expenses) you need to apply ASAP.

As Chris said, of course pilots pay taxes. This is America and we ALL pay taxes.