Too soon to start?

I’m currently 36 and only have about 10 hours flight time in my logbook but flying is the only thing that I have ever really wanted to do. As I’m reading all about how important seniority is with airlines I wonder if I have waited too late to start a legitimate career as a pilot. Any advice is greatly appreciated. For reference I already have a bachelor’s in computer science because computer work has always come easily to me, but at the same time I kinda hate computers and especially dealing with end users since I can’t seem to get out of I.T./tech support.


If you browse the posts in the forum you’ll find hundreds of posts on the subject as the question literally gets asked every day. The short answer is no but as you mentioned seniority means everything so sooner is much better than later. If you start training seriously now you could be at an airline well before you’re 40, but you need to get cracking. That’ll give you 25yrs which ain’t bad.



Please check out the FAQ section as there is a detailed post there on this very topic that will give you a good idea of your situation.


You’re fine Kyle. The average age of someone that’s beginning flight training is somewhere in their 30s.

I agree with the others. You need to start soon, and you need to get to the airlines as quick as you can.