Traffic Violation and Airline Interviews

Hello ,

First of all, I want to take the time to send a message of hope to everybody currently affected by the ongoing pandemic in the aviation industry, keep your heads up , better times are ahead.

In 2018 (I was 20yo) I had one of the worst experiences in my life. It all started when I had to replace my credit card due to the fact that I lost it . As you can imagine I had a few of my bills linked with that same credit card through autopay, one of them was my car insurance. Unfortunately I had forgotten to transfer it to the new credit and it ended up lapsing, when i figured out the issue I immediately contacted my insurance company, paid the amount due and got everything in order.

The issue is that in the state i used to live in this was enough to have my license suspended ( For lack of payment). Since it was for personal reasons I didn’t get any kind of notice or letter from the DMV. It was my first car and I honestly didn’t have a clue that your license could be suspended for such reason.

Got pulled over a few days later for that reason, the officer obviously saw that I had no clue that my license was suspended and subsequently issued me a Non-criminal traffic citation for Unknowingly driving with a suspended license. I paid the fine (160$) and that was it.

I 100% own my mistake, definitely learned from this experience.

Now that I’m getting close to hitting 1500 hours (Maybe by next year), I’m wondering if this will be an issue during any potential interview. I will indeed disclose it and remain open to discuss it if asked.

Just explain it like you did here and I see no problem. Hopefully you set all your bills to send you a reminder email now.

Chris F

Thank you for your answer! I’m much more organized now. It has been 3 years and i’m still not over it ,that is how much it affected me. It definitely taught me a good lesson.

Geo I really don’t see an issue. Just don’t let it happen again and have it become a pattern.



I do not see this being an issue. It was a mistake, you clearly have owned the mistake and have learned from it. Just be sure to continue to keep your record clean moving forward.



It may feel like one of the worst experiences of your life now, but trust me it won’t feel like it when you’ve made it to the airlines because I also do not see this as an issue.