Training accomplished prior to ATP

if I already have my instrument rating and a little more than 200 hours, how does that effect my enrollment in the fast track program? Would I have to take an IPC prior to starting?


With an instrument rating you will still go through all of the same training, you just won’t take a checkride at the end of the instrument portion. The cost will remain the same. While you will be repeating some of what you already know you will also be fine tuning your skills and building additional flight time.


I appreciate your quick response. a stronger instrument foundation and more flight time, win win.


I think so. Even after years of flying airliners and teaching people to fly I still find myself needing to brush up on my instrument training from time to time.

Where are you located? Is your desire to fly for the airlines or do something different? What is your educational and work background?

I’m currently in southern California. I’m currently in the military and
coming up on retirement, looking for a second career…always been
interested in aviation. I do have my bachelor’s as well.


To being with, thank you for your service!

Having a bachelor’s degree is a huge step up.

Are you familiar with the FAA’s mandatory retirement age of 65? I just want to make sure that this has factored into your plans.



I am familiar with the retirement age. i estimate i would likely get hired (fingers crossed) aroumd 45. that would give me 20 years at the regionala which would be fine with me. i dont think there is an age cutoff for corporate, is there?


Did anyone answer if there was a cutoff age for corporate? or freight jobs?

Large freight carriers come under the age 65 rule. Corporate does not have an age cutoff, but there does come a point where an executive likely draws the line.


I just met a 67 yo 757 Charter Capt. Guy looked great. As long as you can keep a medical you can go for a while.