Training aircraft


I recently went on an admissions flight in a piper archer and had a really good experience. The only downside was that I felt very cramped in the plane. Im 6’3 and 240 lbs, so i’m basically the tallest person that can fit in the plane. I recently had the opportunity to fly in a C172 and I found it to be alot more comfortable (slightly more spacious) . I realize that light aircraft cabins are very small, but inches matter when your tall. Are you able to pick your aircraft when training or flight instructing at atp? I saw thay have a large fleet of both piper archers and cessna 172’s.



If you visit the locations page Directory of Flight Training School Locations / ATP Flight School
you’ll see which locations have which airplanes.



Each location has their own specific airplane make/model. You would have to check the details on the location(s) you’re interested in attending. After clicking on the link below, select the location you are interested in, then scroll down to the subcategory “Aircraft” and you can see the equipment that is used at that location.