Training and work?

Hello! My name is Heli. I am planning to take the course next year after I get my associate degree. I am also enlisting in the army as active duty. Now I know that you can’t enroll in any other college while you are doing this course but my question is can you work? A regular 9-5 job and taking the course, is that allowed? Also I wear glasses so will I be able to to pass the medical test with glasses or do I need surgery or is there any other option?


The ATP program is highly accelerated and attempting to work and complete the program is not going to work. That said ATP offers a Flex Track program for those that need to work or remain in school. While it does take longer, it does offer you a compromise.

As for your vision as long as it’s correctable (with lens) to 20/20 you’re fine.



I’m confused. How do you plan to enlist in active duty while also being enrolled at ATP?


You can be in the army and get all your pilot ratings.
there is a warrant officer program that doesn’t require a 4yr degree for helicopter or aircraft ratings. If you’re going to join the military have the government pay for your training. Once you’re flying finish the 4yr degree online and then join an airline once service is up or while continuing to serve in Reserves.

Lots of benefits to this route if you want to serve.

If you choose rotorcraft route you will need to pay for flight hours in airplanes to get commercial license after, so I would stick with aircraft route if able.

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If you are planning on working full time, the Flex Track Program will be a better fit for you. This program allows scheduling flexibility needed for those who cannot dedicate full time to flight training. You will provide your availability a week in advance and your instructor will schedule you accordingly. The requirement that we have is that you are available for at least 15+ flight or FTD hours per month.

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I am going to be honest with you. You need to pick one and pursue that. The Army is going to take a lot of your time and you will go where they want you to go when they want. It will probably really tough for you to dedicate the time the program at ATP needs. As said already, if you really want to go the Army route, look into the Warrant officer program. It is possible for you to go directly into that program with a little extra paperwork you complete. Your recruiter may not be willing to give you that information easily. They have a quota to fill and if you go the Warrant officer that doesn’t count the same. Take some time and think about what you really want to accomplish.

Also, bear in mind that as a helo pilot in the Army, you will be doing very little to advance your career with the airlines. The airlines will want to see plenty of fixed wing time and helicopters do not help with that.