Training Cost Increase

I noticed the cost for the program increased from ~87k to ~91k. I know there have been price increases in the past, but can anyone from admin shed light as to whether this is temporary (such as due to fuel surcharges) or permanent? Feels like it’s getting ever more expensive lately. Makes you wonder whether getting a degree prior and pushing training back 4 years was worth it or not.



I would imagine this is a permanent increase. Everything is getting more expensive, especially aviation grade fuel. Perhaps if we hadn’t used deficit spending to get us into a place where we have 9% inflation, things would have stayed less expensive. Things might cool off, but I doubt anything will get less expensive. In the grand scheme of your career, a few thousand more dollars for flight training is not going to matter. Having an education will.


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Compared to the price increases I’ve seen on virtually every item I’ve purchased in the last year this actually seems reasonable.


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Fuel surcharges

Yeah I saw the $10/hr now. Thankful that its only $10 to be honest…

I just received notice from ATP to anticipate a fuel surcharge for the remainder of my training.

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I got it too. Not a small one either.


How much was it? For those of us who haven’t secured financing yet, it’d be really helpful to know how much more we need to add to our loans.


The new price is already published on ATP’s website. If you have yet to secure financing then there should be no need to add anything over the current advertised price.



Right from ATP’s website (Pricing charted at 5/17/2022):


Thank you @Tory and @Brady!