Training for working professionals

I am a working professional working a weekday 9 - 5 job. Are there course options for working professionals?

Additionally, where can I find a breakdown of the courses/hours/days the training entails?


ATP only offers full-time training. There may be part-time training available in your area but you would need to contact those skills for details.

Know that the reason ATP only offers a full-time program is because training part-time is highly inefficient and free people are actually successful at reaching their goals.



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ATP exclusively offers full-time training. That being said, you can include additional funds into the financing options that we offer so that your bills are covered while training full time.

We ask that you are available 5-7 days a week, 8 hours a day, and there will be mandatory ground school sessions to attend some evenings.


Is it possible to explain a little more how the “living expense” works when added to your student loan?

  1. Is it just providing a copy of your mortgage bill?or just a number you state?
  2. How is that paid out? Paid to me, to then pay? Paid directly to mortgage? Or is it paid to ATP and you get “draws” from the school?

This may be too “in-the-weeds”, but having the option to finance cost of living is amazing and may make the final decision to pull the trigger easier.


This is a little outside of my wheelhouse. I have asked Addison, our ATP Admin representative to comment, I am sure she will soon.



The additional funds that you include for housing/living expenses will be dispersed on a BankMobile Vibe Debit Card that we send out in your training bundle. This card functions as a standard debit card. If you’d rather have the funds distributed into your checking account (as a direct deposit), that is an option as well.

Housing and Living expenses is typically up to $2,000/mo. If you need additional funds, you can request more and do a budget call with our finance department. These funds are distributed to you monthly for you to pay your bills.