Training Outline

The more I searched the ATP website and read here on the forums, I seem to have confused myself…perhaps a current/former student or one of the mentors can help me out regarding the general flow of training?

I’ll be starting with credit for private.

Is the order below correct?
-Start off with 20 hours or so of cross country time building (I assume in the Archer?)
-Multi-Engine Rating in the Seminole
-Instrument Rating/Training
-Crew Cross Country
-Commerical Training/Rating
-Then off to CFI Training


Thank you, I don’t know how I missed that!

Interesting, I thought the crew cross country was in the seminole, I didn’t realize it was in the single engine. I also didn’t realize that multi-engine addons came at the very end, after CFI…good to know!


The program has been through a number of changes over the past few years as FAA regulations and airline hiring minimums have evolved. These changes have primarily impacted the quantity of multi-engine time in the program, and where it sits in the course progression.

Dorian has sent you the link to the current program. This emphasizes single engine continuity, including Crew cross-country time, compared to the old 100hr multi-engine program. End result is still all of the required qualifications in c.250hrs total time.


Excellent, thank you!
I think that was part of my confusion, reading posts and watching videos of people that I believe were probably in the old 100 or 40 hour multi-engine programs.