Training with days off

Hello everyone,

I don’t know if this has been asked before, but is it possible to start training and ask for two weeks off? I have a planned trip in December but want to start earlier. Or will it be wiser to do my private pilot at another school and then start at ATP in January with that? Will appreciate any input and suggestions.


Not sure when you’re looking to start but Dec isn’t that far off. The Private portion is approx 60 days so if you’d be completing that portion prior to your 2 weeks off then fine but you don’t want it in the middle or towards the end.

It would also be very difficult to earn your PPL AND build the required 78+hrs by January if you haven’t started already.


Would you recommend to wait until after the trip? I also know it takes time to schedule the ATP class, and I don’t know if I can schedule the class without having the actual PPL.

What I would probably do is, schedule, your start date for after your trip because between whenever you schedule your start and until after the trip, you could easily have all of not most your written done.

Do you mean the written tests? Can I do that?

Yes of course you can! First you schedule your admissions flight then you are eligible to register for a start date. Immediately after registering, they send you an email to be able to access Kings schools which is how you prep for the PAR, and they also send you the information on how to get access to Sheppard airfor the other remaining writtens.

Oh not to mention if you start with all your writtens done prior to starting, I believe ATP reimburses you the 150 for the first year of ForeFlight which is a pretty good deal.

That is amazing, pretty good deal. I am still working full time. Is it too hard to study and do the tests? How difficult are the tests?

It’s definitely doable to do the tests while working. And they are just basically wrote knowledge. I’m not gonna answer about the difficulty on the tests because they vary person to person, like for me, I suck at writtens but come time for the checkride I do well. It’s not that hard to study for the tests to take them. The more you spend studying daily the faster you’d be able to be prepared to take the test, but that’s true about any test you take.

That is true! Thanks for the insight and the tips. Have a good night!

You as well!

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I would just stick with your planned start date, or move the start date until after your two weeks off. The program is designed to build off of consistent flying. Taking two weeks off in the middle of training is contrary to that goal.

I also highly doubt that you will be able to obtain a PPL at a local school in three months. It is possible, but not likely. Most small schools are just not set up to handle that level of training.

I think your time would be best spent studying for and taking your written exams.


ATP reimburses you for the ForeFlight basic ($74.99) if you complete at least the first 3 written exams. If you choose the mid level ForeFlight subscription (which I, as well as many other students do), which costs $150, you’re responsible for the other half, but it’s still worth it in my opinion.

Yes I guess it’s too much, just a little too much excitement. In order to start the process according to the website I have to request information. Do I need to wait for a call? Or can I do the modules and schedule the admission flight. Also should I start the application with the banks or wait until a recruiter has approved me? Again thanks for the help, you guys have been amazing.


I suggest that you call the admissions department tomorrow and discuss all of this with them as they are the experts on such things.


Awh ok