Hi Everyone,

Just for fun I was on youtube looking at some training videos. I was wondering how terrifying was stall training for you guys?


Obviously I can’t speak for everyone but for me (and I think for many) it’s not terrifying at all. I always found if I explained what was happening to my student (the hows and whys) and talked through the manuever it was a non-event.

Fear usually comes from lack of understanding.


I was never afraid of doing stalls, but I will not say that I enjoyed them either. But no, they are not terrifying at all.



I did not find stall training to be scary whatsoever. I did not find spin training to be scary either. I did fly with one student who was very nervous about stalls. This student struggled in more than one area. They ultimately, did not make it through the program.

Having a good understanding behind the aerodynamics of the maneuver and the recovery is essential and usually puts most pilots’ nerves at ease (if there were any nerves at all to begin with).



I think what settles stalls for most individuals is when the instructor is talking through everything that is going on during the training event. Most of the time when we heard the word “stall,” we think of planes “crashing,” but what we’re teaching is how to prevent a real life accident from occurring in critical phases of flight.