Transition from 172 to Archer

I have my PPL checkride scheduled for this Sunday.
I did my PPL training strictly in a steam gauge 172.

Did anyone else do the same and then start training at a location that has the Archer aircraft?
If so, did you find you had any difficulties in transitioning to a glass cockpit and/or low-wing aircraft?

I will finish my checkride with about 71-73 hrs. TT, and I already have a couple of lessons scheduled with my local flight school after that for G1000 transition training. That will definitely bring me up to the 80+ hour requirement and hopefully help in the transition.


Transitioning from steam to glass is a very easy process as all the info is right there in front of you (it’s going the other way that’s tricky). I actually had the reverse situation aircraft wise as I’d done all my PPL training in Cherokees and Archers and had never touched a 172 until ATP. It was fine. There’s a reason the FAA doesn’t require different type ratings or training in different SE aircraft. It’s because they’re all pretty similar.

I’m also willing to bet you’re going to prefer the Archer :wink:


Well thank you Adam, that is certainly refreshing to hear, and you are not the first person to say that, lol.

Plus, I figured if I do the G1000 transition training as I plan, I imagine there can’t be too many differences between that and the G500 (which I believe is what the Archer’s are equipped with?)


I did all of my PPL training in 172s. After I got my PPL, I switched over to the Cherokee that my school has since its schedule was wide open compared to the Cessnas. I had less than two hours with an instructor in the Cherokee for insurance purposes, and they signed me off. The transition was very easy, and I have to agree with Adam in saying that you will probably prefer it. I know I do. The two main differences are needing to switch fuel tanks and the landing attitude for the Cherokee is much flatter than a 172.

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Thank you, Kelly, that is very good to know! :grinning:

Perhaps since my biggest challenge overall in PPL training in the 172 was not flaring enough and landing rather flat I’ll grease those landings in the Archer :grinning:


I would not worry about this one bit. You will of course have a bit of a learning curve, but it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Whatever time you spend at the local flight school should be more than enough.


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