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Good day, my name is Matthew Johnson, I am a military officer and will be retiring in a few years at the prime age of 44. I am not a pilot and have only taken about 5 hours of flight training when I was in my 20’s. When I retire, I am strongly considering changing careers to become a commercial pilot. The idea is to attend one of the ATP schools in Denver. Do you believe I will be to old to start a career as a pilot? Physically I am fine, I will have some disability percentage from my military career but nothing that would limit me from flying or passing a flight physical. Any input would be greatly appreciated.



Please visit our FAQ section and search the forum as we address the “am I too old question daily”.

As for you disability you’ll need to consult an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner) to ensure you can obtain a First Class Medical.



You are definitely not too old, but you need to have realistic expectations. There is a post that lays those out very well in the FAQ section.

Any disability will have to be reported to the FAA, you might be surprised what they chose to take issue with.



Thank you! I’ve been reading through the lists and checking out the FAA website and I believe I will be fine but won’t know for certain until I get my final disability rating.


Military Retiree myself and 45 in two weeks. Semper Fi brother and let’s get flying.

Welcome aboard. Been following ATP for years finally getting the opportunity to attend very soon.

Semper Fi Darrell, I still have a couple years left but its never too soon to start researching and getting ready. Hope to see you out there!!


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