Travel Benefits start when?

I know you’ve answered what the travel benefits are. But when do they start? Once you interview at the 500 hours and accept an offer can you then start using the travel benefits of your regional while still earning the rest of the 1000 hrs with ATP?



I believe Envoy, via the Envoy Cadet Program, is the only regional that offers travel benefits immediately after acceptance of their conditional job offer while still a CFI with ATP.

All other regionals will grant access to travel benefits on your first day of hire.


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Tory is right on this. I would also point out that as a CFI, you will not have much time for traveling as you will need to be building your hours.

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And I will also point out that while you may receive benefits as an instructor, your “priority” will be fairly low compared to the actual employees so that flight had better be pretty empty.


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Thanks for your time and the quick replies, and for all the 94883747 other answered questions on here.