Trayining at class D vs C airsapce

hi, my loan was conditionally approved, and although is not fully approved I started looking for a convenient location and I see that some schools are in class D airspace and others in class C. I have to decide between Tampa and Daytona, I’ve been told that Tampa would be a better choice since is a class D and it will be easier to get in and out of the airspace, reducing time, and I’ve been told time = money. I’m not sure how true is this…

what airspace would be better to train in.?

I’m at the KMMU location, we have class D up to 2700 MSL then B airspace right above that at 3000 MSL, I would imagine in the future I will have to deal with them but so far we stay out of it and fly a few miles west to the E airspace for practice. I find D to be very convenient as it’s not too overwhelmed and good for comms practice


There are pros and cons to both. While the Class C might extend your taxi times, it will also give you invaluable experience communicating with ATC and operating in busier airspace. While this may not sound like that big a deal, communications can be a huge challenge for many new FOs.

I’d choose the location that’s most convenient for you.


I honestly would not give one bit of thought to which class of airspace you train in. You will be exposed to plenty of different airspaces no matter which location you train at. I would simply pick the location that is most convenient for you and not give it much thought past that.


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