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Tuition, Duration, After Course

Hello there I was just wondering how much the tuition is? Also how long is the course? Finally, so if I take the commercial pilot course, I will be able to apply for a pilot job at airlines such as Delta, United, American, Frontier, Spirit, etc.?

Most of your information can be found on the ATP website:

Provided you have a 4 year college degree, the natural progression is training and getting your FAA ratings, followed by instructing and building the required flight hours, then applying for and working your way up in a Regional Airline before applying to a Major Airline such as the ones you mentioned. I would start by reading everything you can on the ATP website, then any questions you have will be easier to address here. Good luck


James summed that up pretty darn well, thank you. :slight_smile:

Just trying to save you some time Chris… :wink:

ie Working on my co-pilot skills!

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That looks about right :slight_smile:

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