Turning 28 on December 30th

Let’s say if I started at ATP within these upcoming months, would it still be worth for me, and my family’s future? I have no college degree, I read that jobs want you to have college.


At 28 your age is not a factor. Many successful pilots don’t start training till their 30s. Not having a degree however can severely limit your future.

Regional airlines do not require or desire degrees but the Majors most certainly do. If you don’t mind spending your career at a Regional earning between $80-100k them you’ll be fine. However when you see your peers advance to the Majors earning 3-4 times what you are that might start to bother you.

Your call if it’s worth it or not?



Yes, at your age you could have a very rewarding career at the airlines. You will likely want to pick up a bachelor’s degree along the way though as the major airlines generally want to see one when you apply. Please check out the FAQ section as there is a wealth of information there.