Type Ratings


Your understanding is correct. New hire training usually takes 6-8 weeks.

Your friend’s experience in another country is very different from in the US. You should never have to pay for training at an airline over here. There was a time when there was a bit of that going on in the US, but fortunately that has all come to an end.


That’s what I thought. What a relief!
Thanks, Chris.

Theoretically, if one had the ability to secure a type rating for say an A320 before they reached their 1500hr mark, and applied to a major is it realistic to believe that they could find a right seat at a major without ever having flown at a regional or is the carrier experience more important than the rating?


Short answer, not a chance. Majors higher professional, experienced pilots. They’re not looking for low time pilots looking for shortcuts. If they did EVERYBODY would drop the $12-15k and do it.


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I figured not, thank you for the quick reply.