UBER Elevate and VTOL

Hi, I’m new here and looking into getting a private pilot license. While researching I came across Uber Elevate and VTOL technology.

What classes would I take to prepare to fly VTOL and to make money doing so?
In the short run, what is the best way to help pay for flight costs, flight times etc before and after completing school?
What are your thoughts on Uber Elevate and VTOL?


Short answer is I have no clue. You’re talking about future technology and services which could be here next year or next century. Training will come after legislation which is a long way off.


The goal of most of these companies is to have autonomous(unmanned) aircraft. They have a lot of regulatory, logistical, and social issues to overcome prior to having an operational service. In my opinion they are a long way off, considering companies like Uber still cannot develop a self driving car that operates consistently, and safely. I think their biggest hurdle will be convincing the masses that it’s safe and cost effective. If you’re serious about getting involved I’d suggest looking into aerospace engineering. Otherwise, if you want to fly and it sounds like you do, traditional pilots should(hopefully) be around for some time.