UFO's and other mysterious events!

Okay, so lay it out… What have you seen and what can you say!!! :sweat_smile:

I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you! :smiling_imp:

Honestly nothing but spectacular sunrises, sunsets, cloud formations and the occasional shooting star. I did however fly with one borderline psychotic CA who insisted that a star on the horizon was a UFO?


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Just promise me that the first sighting you have I get the first email about it!!! JK


No UFO sightings, but I have seen many, many shooting stars and on flights that go far up north I have occasionally seen the Northern Lights, which are absolutely amazing. Not to mention that the stars are very visible if you turn the cockpit lights down.


I’ve always wanted to see the Northern lights. Some day…

We get some wicked lighting storms here is AZ and I bet they’re even better in the air!